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Unilag semester exam e-notes, past questions & answers for all courses at different levels

Faculty of Business Administration Business Admin Accounting Acturial Science Banking & Finance Industrial Rel & Personal MGT Insurance Faculty of Education Adult Education English Guidance & Counselling Biology Chemmistry Physics Human Kinetic & Health Education Economics Business Studies Technology Education Technology Education Biology Faculty of Environmental science Architecture Eatate MGT Urban & Regional Planning Quantity […]

Department of business administration course module, e-note, past questions & answers

Year 1 Introduction to quantitative techniques Theory of Administration Principle of Management Principle OF Marketing Introduction to Business Management Introduction Business & Labour Economics Mathematics for Business II Introduction to MGT. Theory of Practise Principle of Marketing Prodution MGT & Control Behaviour Science Personal Management


Meaning & Scope of Economics Types & Features of Economics Theory of Economics Analysis Theory of Demand Theory of Supply Price Determination Consumer Behaviour Theory of Production Theory of Cost Market Structure & Revenue Concept National Income Money & Banking Non-Bank Financial Intermidiaries Inflation Public Finance Economic Development & Growth International Trade & Balance of […]


Literary Terms & Meaning: A Literary Terms & Meaning: B Literary Terms & Meaning: C Literary Terms & Meaning: E, E, F Questions on General Literary Principles. 1 Questions on General Literary Principles. 2 Questions on General Literary Principles. 3 Questions on General Literary Principles. 4 Literary Terms & Meaning: H, I, J, L M […]


Basic  Concept on Government Principle of Government Forms of Government Institution/Organs of Government Structure of Governance System of Government Political Ideologies Nigerian Constitutions Political Parties Citizenship Electoral System Political parties & Parties System Pressure Groups Public Opinion Civil Service Nature of Nigeria Pre-colonial Politics Imperialist Penetration/ Colonial Political System Process of  Decolonization in West Africa […]