Newton’s laws of motion

MOTION: Motion is the change in position of an object. Types of Motion 1.Translatory motion 2.Rotational motion 3.Random motion 4.Oscillatory (vibrating) motion Translatory Motion Is the motion movement of an object from one position to another. e.g. (i) A wheel of a moving car (ii) A falling stone (iii) A coin rolling down a plane […]


FRICTION This is the force acting along the surface of separation of two bodies in contact and tends to oppose the motion of one over the other. Types of friction – Solid friction – Fluid friction(liquid or gas friction) Types of solid friction – Limiting friction – Kinetic friction – Static friction – rolling friction […]


measurement & unit Newton’s law of motion Properties of Materials Density & Upthrust Pressure Moment & Equilibrum Machine Friction Work, Energy & Power Expansion of Material Temperature & Measurement Heat Transfer Specific Heat Capacity Change of State of Substance Vapour & Vapour pressure Gas Laws Reflection by Plane Surface Reflection by Curved Surface Refraction by […]