Queen’s College Death, Uncertainty looms as students worry over WAEC exams.

A recent investigation revealed that the cause of death was linked to contaminated water which led to 16 students being hospitalised due to the severity of their cases.
While the Ministry of Health ordered the closure of the school indefinitely, the biggest victims in all of this, is of course the students. Besides losing out on school time, the final year students are supposed to begin exams in less than a week. In fact, the official resumption date for all students is the 19th of March.
The sister of one student: “The PTA sent out messages to parents over a week ago saying that students were going to resume this week”.
The text read:
“Dear Parents, This is to welcome our stdts to the college on the 19/3/17. Stdts are to come with a medical certificate of fitness& medication where applicable. Asthmatic stdts should come with their original inhalers&stdts generally should come with their 4Liters kegs,blazers&ties. Thank You. MGT”
The school remains under lock and key at the time of reporting this.
When we spoke to a source at the ministry regarding the closure, we learned that the school hadn’t released any information regarding WAEC candidates.
According to the source, the school will very likely sort out the problem before exams begin. Another scenario might see the students being relocated to another school to write their exams. All of this, is without confirmation from the school who have we have been unable to reach.
The parents are not relenting,
A parent spoke to Vanguard about a planned protest
“The planned protest is still under wraps because some of us have been meeting and we have plans to unveil our displeasure should we find that by Sunday, March 19 when our children are expected to return to school, there are unresolved grey areas to guarantee healthy living for the girls.”
Neither is the Lagos State Government.
The Commissioner for Health insists that the school remain closed till appropriate measures are taken to make sure it never repeats itself.

He said:
“We wish to advise that the school resumption be delayed till appropriate measures have been put in place for the safety of the students.”

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