Evolution Among Plant Kingdom

1. A blue – green alga is not a protophyte because (a) it is aquatic (b) is cells are prokaryotic (c) it cannot move (d) it is not a green plant
Right Choice: Option B

2. The bacteria type that are arranged in chains are the (a) staphylococci (b) clostridia (c) streptococci (d) bacilli
Right Choice: Option C

3. Angiosperms and gymnosperms belong to the class (a) schizophyta (b) spermatophyte (c) pteridophyta (d) bryophyte
Right Choice: Option B

4. Which of the following organisms has both plant and animal – like features (a) Paramecium (b) Euglena (c) Amoeba (d) Spirogyra
Right Choice: Option B

5. Euglena moves by (a) whipping action of its flagellum (b) beating of its cilia (c) rotating action of the flagella (d) beating the pseudopodia and cilia simultaneously
Right Choice: Option A


6. One basic characteristics features of viruses is that they grow (a) as jelly – like material (b) in culture media (c) inside living cells (d) on dead cells

7. Amoeba obtains all its oxygen requirements (a) from oxidizing food substance (b) from air trapped in vacuoles (c) through diffusion of air into its both (d) through an air cavity in the ectoplasm

8. Which of the following statement is true of Hydra? It has (a) both mouth and anus (b) stinging cells (c) ectodermal and endodermal tissues (d) radial symmetry

9. The structure in hydra which performs the same function as pseudopodia in Amoeba are (a) cilia (b) tentacles (c) setae (d) flagella

10. The term “Thallophyta” refers to (a) ferns and mosses (b) algae and fungi (c) mosses and liverwort (d) fungi and ferns

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