Literary Terms: B

BATHOS: This literary figure seeks to present a declining impression from something impressive to a ridiculous one.

BALLAD: This is a sort of poem often handed down from generation to generation.

BALLET: This is a form of dance that tells a story as the dancing—goes on.

BARD: This is a national poet OR a poet whose work has won a competition.

BIBLICAL ALLUSION: This refers to a brief mentioning of a Bible s in a work of art.

BIOGRAPHY: This is a written account of a person’s life written by another person
BLACK THEATRE: This is a drama concerned with mourners dressed in BLACK HUMOUR : This is a horrible bizarre or say,
absurd form of humour in a play or novel.

BLANK VERSE: This is a type of verse that has no terminal rhymes-at the end of a line of poetry. In another
word, it is a poem without a regular rhyme scheme.

BUCCOLIC: A pastoral writing centered on rural lives and shepherds.

BURLESQUE: This is a form of comedy characterized by ridiculous exaggeration.

BUSS: A rude kiss noticeable in a drama.

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