Jamb 2019 ENGLISH LANGUAGE likely exam questions & answers

Choose from the options that are provided the form of the verb which agrees with the subject of the sentence.
1. Each man and woman_________given a price. A. were B. are C. was D. are being Right choice – Option C

2. Every student and teacher_______ten Nair every week A. contribute B. were contributing C. are contributing D. contributes Right choice – Option A

3. Tolu or Femi_______expected at the occasion A. are B. were C. is D. are being Right choice – Option C

4. Neither Johnny nor David_______the solution A. have B. has C. are having D. have had Right choice – Option B

5. Not only the manager but also the secretary …. detained.A. were B. have C. was D. are Right choice – Option C

6. Our Vice-Chancellor, together with the registrar tirelessly. work B. arc working C. works D. were working Right choice – Option C

Select the appropriate answers from the options provided to fill the gaps in the following statements:
7. At this……….we need to be more diligent. A. junction B. disjuncture C. juncture D. junction Right choice – Option C

8. I saw the Vice Chancellor…….A. eventfully B.on the long C. in the long run D. at the long run Right choice – Option D

9. The book…….seven Chapter A. comprising of B. comprises of C Contains D. consist Right choice – Option B

Choose from the option below the word or phrase nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined words
10. Tola is too garrulous for my liking. A. dull B. easygoing C. laconic D. dumb Right choice – Option C

11. The researcher holds parochial opinions on almost every issue. A. realistic B. sensible C. rational D. popular Right choice – Option D

12. The man is being honored for his invaluable contributions to his people. A. quantifiable B. incalculable C. worthless D. unrecognized Right choice – Option C

Choose from the options provided the meaning of the expression that is put in italics:
13. He is believed to be an ostrich. A an unreliable person B. refusing to face or accept unpleasant facts
C. untidily tall and thin D. terrible shy person Right choice – Option B

14. Don’t take the book away; it is possible for the owner to ask for ff. A. the owner might B. the owner can C. the
owner is going to D. none of the above Right choice – Option A

15. I wonder if you would allow me to use your bucket. A. l should B. I can C. I might D. I have to Right choice – Option B

16. When your mother was in France, did she have the ability to speak French? A. had she been able B. was she enable
C. could she D. how possible was it for her Right choice – Option C

From the options provided below, choose the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined word:
17. Olu is effeminate. A. very friendly B. not manly C. even where D. like partying Right choice – Option B

18. He naturally likes people that are lanky. A. plumpy B. plump
C. fat D. thin and tall Right choice – Option D

19. The shirt the boy put on made him obtrusive. A. proud B. excellent C. noticeable D. gorgeous Right choice – Option C

20. The action of the government will precipitate an imbroglio. A. a great excitement B. an unwanted situation
C. temporary hitch D. a welcome condition Right choice – Option B

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