‘Family is the motivation’, singer on what keeps him going

Wizkid has been about everywhere in America promoting his music and repping Africa, putting the continent on the map.

His international penetration seen with his music collaborations has been getting him media rounds, where he gets to talk about his earlier days, his hit singles, collaborating with American stars Drake among others.

LA 92.3 radio recently got a hold of him, and sat him down to discuss his music growth and upcoming projects among other interesting gist.

The on-air personalities were curious to know just how big of a music icon he has come to be in Nigeria but Wizkid just kept things humbly.

He told them how he started from the church to learning the ropes with a music producer OJB, to getting that break with the music.

The singer also talked about how he and Drake came to work together, saying he just sees everyday as a chance speaking on how he felt about working with Drizzy.

On what drives him to still keep making music, Wizkid cites his sons as what keeps him going.
‘Family is the motivation’, singer on what keeps him going.

Wiz also explains how he chooses whom to collaborate with, saying he likes to keep it real.

“I’m very particular, If I feel like I’m not going to sound good on the record, I won’t do it, we could be friends for life but that’s just me, I like to keep it real and original nothing forced.”

He talks about being a big fan of TY Dolla Sign, said they have recorded about 20 records together, described him as “a true artist”, and just digs how they vibe together.

He also lets them know what kind of music Nigerians listen to back home.

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