Jamb 2019 BIOLOGY likely exam questions & answers

1. Over-secretion of thyroxin is likely to lead to… a. thinness of body b. sluggishness c. dwarfism d. cretinism in infants Right choice – Option A

2. The part of the brain responsible for the control of voluntary movement and interpretation of sensations is the…a. cerebrum b.cerebellum c. medulla oblonganta d. optica lob Right choice – Option A

3. Which of the following is not seen in the transverse section of a young monocotyledonous stem? a. parenchyma b. phloem c. xylem d. cambium Right choice – Option D

4. In testing for a reducing sugar, the food substance is usually warmed with… a. Benedict’s solution b. Million’s reagent
c. Sudan III d. Benedict’s solution Right choice – Option D

5. The phenomenon whereby some organisms with certain features established in an environment is known as… a. mutation b.colonization c. natural selection d. artificial selection Right choice – Option C

6. The part of the alimentary system of a bird where grinding of maize is done is the… a. crop b. stomach c. gizzard d. rectum Right choice – Option C

7. Fewer number of trees is characteristics of the savanna zones of Nigeria because…a. there is too much sunlight b. there is limited amount of rainfall c. they are usually exposed to grazing animal d. the farmers always engage in bush burning Right choice – Option B

8. Which of the following is the most sensitive spot of the retina n. conjunctiva b. cornea c. blind spot d. yellow spot Right choice – Option D

9. Which of the following is not a structural adaptation of desert plants for water conservation? a. tiny leaves b. sunken storrilta c. scale leaves d. broad leaves with numerous stomata Right choice – Option D

10. Blood groups and tongue-rollin are examples of.. . a. continuous variation b. discontinuous variation c. adaptive variation d. environmental variation Right choice – Option B

11. Ultra filtration in the kidney takes place in the… a. Bowman’s capsule b. loop of Helen c. pelvis d. pyramid Right choice – Option A

12. The following agencies are responsible for conservation in Nigeria except… a. Forestry departments b. Nigerian Conservation Society c. Ministry of Agricultural and Natural Resources d. Nigerian R.ed Cross Right choice – Option

13. In which of the following processes is carbon dioxide not given out? a. during photosynthesis b. respiration in pants c. burning of fuels d. decay of organisms Right choice – Option

14. The property of clay soil that prevents it from supporting thick vegetation is its. . . a. possession of chemically weathered granite rocks b. inability to retain much water c . tendency of becoming water logged d. high capillary spaces between the soil particles Right choice – Option

15. identical twins inherit their genes from…. a. the same ovum and different sperms b. the same sperm and different ova c.different sperms and many ova d. The same ovum and the same sperm Right choice – Option

16. In the binomiai system of naming organisms the second name is known as” a. scientific name b. common name c. generic name
d. specific name Right choice – Option

17. Which of the following features does nor necessarily place Paramecium at a higher level of organization over Amoeba? a.
presence of ciiia b. absence of pseudopociia c. presence of micro and meganuclei d. presence of more than one food vacuole Right choice – Option

18. Primary growth in plants is brought about by the activity of the……….. a. meristem b. epidermis c. mesophyll d. endodermis Right choice – Option

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