Monica Osagie an undergraduate student of Obafemi Awolowo University [OAU] in ‘sex-for-mark’ scandal narrates her side of the story

In an interview by CNN, Monica Osagie has opened up to her part of the story. Monica admitted helping the Professor in editing his book. she also added to have seen him as a Mentor . However, she disclosed that the supposed Professor wanted more and she became uncomfortable with the consequently , she vehemently refused his advances towards her.

In her words “We actually edited the book together… then the next thing he told me was ‘can i date you?.’ “Monica claimed she refused because she doesn’t date lecturers, moreover, He is more mature than she is.

She might have probably responded in that manner in a bid to excape her head.

Speaking further, Monica spoke on how the professor gave her low marks on purpose so that she would agree to sleep with him. Due to his incessant pestering, on one occassion, she decided Recording their Conversation.

Record leaks.

The conversation of the alleged scandal was leaked online on Monday, April 9, 2018.

In the recording, a man voice was heard telling the lady that he would have sex with her five times before he would increase her exam score. The alleged man was later discovered to be one Prefessor Akindele Richard. Monica however, made it clear that she only submitted the audio record to the Obafemi Awolowo University[OAU] Management, so as for it leakage she knew nothing about it.

Following the Investigation on the matter by the Institution, Professor Akindele has been suspended as recommended by the committee to look into the it/

Osagie also told CNN how she has faced lot of Criticism on Social Media. she gave one of the instance where she was accosted at the bank by one young man who accused her of seducing the Professor instead.

In a reply to all these, in her words “I am actually happy I came out . I am helping many ladies that have gone through the same thing I have gone through, and most of them can’t talk about it”.

Edutainmentblog solicits a thorough Investigation on the matter. It is high time ‘sex – for -mark’ in our higher institution stopped for the good of our land.

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