Why Nigerian Universities rank low in the world Professor John Ajienka speaks.

Prof. Ajienka, the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Port-Harcourt, has taken it succinctly to explain the reason Nigerian Universities ranks low among other tertiary institutions in the world.

In his paper titled ” Research as Entrepreneurship: Building Innovation, Commercialisation, Entrepreneurship{ICE} Ecosystem , ” he said Nigerian tertiary institutions fail to meet up the standard of ranking equality with other tertiary institutions in the world simply because of the lackadaisical attitude of the Nigerian scholars towards improving on research works into innovations.

He maintained that unless this is taken very serious, Nigerian universities cannot appear in the list of the top universities in the world.

Speaking at a one-day conference organised by the Nigeria Defence  Academy, he statistically argued that 90 per cent of indicator to rank universities is based on research.

He lamented however sadly that this has not been dawned on Nigerian scholars.

In his words “Havard University among other universities has placed importance on translating its research works into products and services”. He added further, “Research Institution must be extremely collaborative, globally recognised and strategically relevant because they are the engines that transform the economy of a country and create jobs for the teeming youth”.

Hence, he advised Nigerian universities to embrace the culture of innovation, commercialisation, entrepreneurship and knowledge value chain development.

Edutainmentblog opines in the view of Prof. John Ajienka on his vast wealth of knowledge in speaking on the cankerworms  affecting Nigerian tertiary institutions . Every stake-holder in our education sector can key into this idea of promoting research works into innovation for a sustainable legacy for the leaders of tomorrow.


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