Would you want to know how to utilise the insufficient time to prepare for any exam? Check these out!

Time ticks, so are opportunities. To get it right while in the dilemma of little time to revise for any exam is highly very possible!

Every exam requires an adequate preparation to do justice to it. However, often times the expected required time for study may not be available. This usually leads to the fear of sitting for the exam.  Should a student who finds him/herself in this condition give in to despair? No, it needn’t. Fear is a torment.
To achieve a maximum result in such a situation, the following proven techniques can be relied upon.

1. Don’t Panic: anything that is started in fear is bound to fail. Therefore, relax your mind at least to ease the tension. Never forget in reminding yourself that nothing can ever been achieved on the wheel of fear. Activate a stable mind before picking your book.

2. Secure a good place to study: apparently, the environment to study is key for easy assimilation. Ensure you find a quiet and airy place to study. A good study environment eases a fast pace of assimilation; be it in the kitchen, living-room, field, library or café. More so, ensure a good study position to avoid an intermittent cat nap.(falling asleep)

3. Gather and make ready your materials: every useful material should be gathered and be set for the exercise.

4. Be mindful of not being distracted: avoid as much as possible any conversation that does not in any way in line with what you are studying. Thus, know your distractions and distractors and avoid them for the moment.

5. Be pragmatic during the exercise: ensure you notice and get relevant points as you study. Remember, you have only few hours before the exam. More so, map out key points your lecturer emphasised while lecturing who knows, if he was actually just pointing out the A.O.C (Area of Concentration).

6. Time Management: utilise the shortness of the time you spend each day judiciously. You may want to devote or allocate a time for each topic as they appeal to you and strictly keep to it.

7. Resist every frustration: eleventh-hour studying could be frustrating at times. Nonetheless, encourage yourself and be optimistic in all. Remember, quitters never win, winners never quit.

8. Observe a break: a short recess could do a little magic. Do take a little break – strolling, stretching of the legs, feeding the eyes and what have you. You may want to feed the stomach’s worms (eat something).

9. Chat with someone: relax your nerves. Chill! You may want to make some calls. However, not to a wet blanket o! just talk to someone to ease the tension at least.

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