1. A mixture of solutions of barium chloride and sodium trioxocarbonate IV yield a white precipitate A) Soluble in ammonia B) soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid C) soluble in alkali  D) soluble in dilute tetraoxosulphate VI acid
Right choiceOption B

2. Four solutions P, Q, R, and S contain chloride, sulphide, tetraoxosulphate VI and trioxocarbonate IV respectively. One reagent that will identify only one of them completely by a precipitation reaction is  A) Potassium hydroxide solution B) Dilute tetraoxosulphate(VI) acid  C) Dilute trioxonitrate (V) acid  D) ead trioxonitrate (V) solution
Right choiceOption D

3. Which of the following is true of alkalis A)  They have a sour taste B)  They liberate ammonia when added to ammonium chloride C) Their pH is 7 D) They turn phenolphthalein colourless
Right choiceOption A

4. Real gases do not obey the ideal gas laws at  A) High temperature  B) Low temperature and high pressures  C) Low pressures D) High temperatures and pressures
Right choiceOption A

5. A 3.0 g mixture of sodium trioxocarbonate (IV) and calcium trioxocarbonate (IV) liberated 0.44 g of carbon IV oxide on strong heating
until no more gas was evolved. What is the percentage of sodium trioxocarbonate IV in the mixture? [ Ca = 40, C= L2,O= 16, Na = 231 A) 67  B) 23 C) 76 D)32
Right choiceOption A

6. Which of the following planets contains a large amount of solid methane?  A) Jupiter B) Neptune  C) Pluto D) Saturn
Right choiceOption C

7. What change will occur during the electrolysis of brine using carbon electrodes? A) Chlorine will be given off at the cathode
B) Oxygen gas will be given off at the anode C) Sodium will be deposited at the cathode D) The volumes of hydrogen and chlorine given off at the same time are equal
Right choiceOption D

8. Nuclear reactions can be used in the following except A) gauging the thickness of objects B) making atomic bombs C) curing cancer D) purifying water
Right choiceOption D

9. Which of the following is a good conductor of electric current? A)  Mixture of petrol and kerosene B) Aqueous solution of sugar
C) Mixture of ethanol and water D) Aqueous solution of table salt
Right choiceOption D

10. The pH value o fan aqueous solution of compounds remains at 5 even when contaminated with small quantities of acid or alkali. Which
one of the following pairs of compounds would produce such a solution? A) Ammonia and ammonium chloride  B) Ethanoic acid and sodium
C) ethanoate  Hydrochloric acid and sodium chloride D) Potassium hydroxide and potassium bromide
Right choiceOption A or B


11. A mixture of gases contains 6  4g of methane, 649 of oxygen and 64g of sulphur dioxide. The pressure of the mixture is 2lOkPa. What is the partial pressure (in kPa) of the methane expected to be? A) 30 M'(CH4) = 16 B)  60 M'(Oz) = 32 C) 70 M’ (SO2) = 64 D) 120
Right choice
12. One of these properties is unique to carbon alone A) Polymerization B)  Condensation C) decantation D) hydrogenation
Right choice
13. Consider the equation: CH3COOH + CH3OH ——> H3COOCH3 + H2O 14g of ethanoic acid reacted with 25g of methanol to
give 8.5g of ester. What is the percentage yield of ester ? (C=12,H=l,O=16)  A) 49.247o  B).46.7Vo  C) 35.8Vo D) 40.677a
Right choice
14. A student prepares a sample of H2 gas by electrolyzing water at 250C. She collected 152ml at a total pressure of 758mmHg. Vapour pressure of H2) at 25 0C is 23J6 mmHg. Calculate the partial pressure of H2, gas.

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