1. A car engine uses 24KW useful power to provide a driving force of 600N that moves the car at a constant speed. Calculate the
speed of the car. (a) 40ms-1 (b) 25ms-1 (c) 2.5ms-1
Right choice – Option A

2. Identify the correct one of the following statements fact (I) pure water freezes at 00C under normal pressure (II) Water has its highest density at 40C (III). Water has its highest mass at 40C  (a) I only (b) II only (c) I and II only (d) I and III only .
Right choice – Option C

3. The linear expansivity of a metal is 1.2 x 106K-1 The metal is made into a cube of 10cm. The cube is heated through a temperature of 500C, what will be the increase in volume of the metal cube? (a) 1.8 x 10-8m3 (b) 1.163 x 10-6m3 (c) 108m(d) 180 x 10-8m3
Right choice – Option D

4. There are lots of equations in physics, some equations in Physics are true for all conditions while others are true only under
certain conditions. Which of the following is/are true under all conditions? I). Equation of force F = ma II)  Gravitatio F = GMm/r2  III). Wave   motion v = fn  (a) I only (b) II onty (c) III only (d) II and III only
Right choice – Option D

5. Two progressive waves of frequency 300Hz are super-imposed to produce a stationary wave in which adjacent nodes are 1.5m apart.
Calculate the speed of the progressive wave. (a) 450m/s (b) 900m/s (c) 100m/s (d) 200m/s
Right choice – Option A

7. A listener can detect the instrument from which a note is being sounded due to the fact that different instruments produce the same
note with different (a) overtone (b) intensity (c) loudness (d) frequencies
Right choice – Option A

8. Two coherent waves traveling in the same direction are superimposed. What should be the phrase difference between the waves fbr
maximum destructive interference to occur? (a) 27oo (b) 7oo (c) 2oo (d) 180o
Right choice – Option D

9. An object is placed at a distance of 2f from a converging lens of focal length f How far will the image of the object be from the
lens? (a) 2f (b) 4f (c) f (d) f/2
Right choice – Option A

10. A floating loaded test tube bounces up and down with an amplitude of 5cm and an angular frequency of 10rad/s Determine the
magnitude of the maximum acceleration of the floating test tube. (a) 5.00ms-2 (b) 0.25ms -2  c) 12.00ms-2
Right choice – Option A

11. What value of resistance would convert a moving coil meter to read 10V full scale if it has an interna] resistance of 100-ohms
and capable of deflecting full scale with a current of 10mA. (a) 100 (b) 20 (c) 900 (d) 1000

12. Determine the amount of heat generated in a load of (b) The induced current in a conductor is in such a direction as to oppose
the change producing it. (c) A force is exerted on a current carrying conductor in
a magnetic field. (d) The magnitude of the induced emf in a circuit is proportional to the rate of change of the number of lines of magnetic forces linking the circuit.
Right choice – Option

13. The relationship between the directions of the magnetic field, the current and the motion of a current carrying wire in the field is
easily remembered using (a) Maxwell’s screw rule (b) Ampere’s swimming rule (c) Right hand grip rule (d) Fleming’s left hand rule
Right choice – Option

14. An ammeter connected to the Voltameter in an electrolysis of copper CuSO+ solution experiment registered 1.0A for 30 minutes while
6.6 rl0akg of copper is liberated. Determine the error in the ammeter reading if electrochemical equivalent of copper is 3.30 x 107kgCr
(a) 0.001A (b) 0.011A (c) 0.111A (d) 0.00A
Right choice – Option

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