1. In Jesus teaching on the mount, the only justifiable reason for divorce is: a. lndolence b. lnsubordinatron c. lnfidelity d.lnfertility
Right choice – Option C

2. According to John’s Gospel, Lazarus was from: a. Jerusalem b. Teberias c.Bethany d. Galilee Right choice – Option C

3. Jesus’s new commandment according to the Gospel of John is: a. Salvation b. Love c. Peace d. Spirit Right choice – Option B

4. The thief as described by Jesus comes to a. Destroy, kill and steal b. Destroy, steal and kill
c. Kill, destroy and steal d. Steal, kill and destroy Right choice – Option D

5. The agony of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane is a a. Sign of abandonement b. Manifestation of human weakness
c. Punishment d. Preparation for his death Right choice – Option B

6. Eutychus fell from the third storey to the ground when Paul prolonged his sermon at a. Troas b. Ephesus c. Miletus d. Corinth Right choice – Option A

7. Charismatic leaders in the Book of Judges arose in lsrael to a. Revive faith in Yahweh b.Rally the tribes together c. Lead lsrael to battles d. Settle dispute Right choice – Option C

8. What did God create on the fifth day? a. The firmament b.The two great lights c. Water under the heavens d. Living creature Right choice – Option D

9. Joshua and Caleb were from the tribe of a. Judah and Reuben b.Reuben and Dan c. Ephraim and Reuben d.Judah and Ephraim Right choice – Option D

10. Manahem, the son of Gadi reigned over lsrael for 1 . a. Eight years b. Twenty Years c.Six months d. Ten years
Right choice – Option B

11 . The death of Adon ibezek in Bezek was a typical proof of a. Cowardice b. Nemesis c. lnsanity d.absurdity
Right choice – Option B

12. in order that Benjamin might be brought to Egypt, Joseph detained a. Reuben b. Levi c. Judah d. Simeon e. Zebulon Right choice – Option C

13. When Paul came to Rome, the first set of people to whom he preached were the a. Romans b. Jews c. Greeks d. Samaritans Right choice – Option B

14. The three sons of Noah were Shem, Ham and a. Lot b. Hirah c. Cain d. Japeih Right choice – Option B

15. The renomend interpreters of the Mosaic Law in the time of Jesus were the a. Sadducees b. Scribes c. Herodians d. Pharisees Right choice – Option D

16. The mother of Esau is a. Ruth b. Ester c. Rebecca d. Jezebel Right choice – Option C

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