1. A metallic element X forms an ion X2* ,what will be the formula of the tetraoxosulphate of X? a) X(SO4)3 b) X SOl c) X2 (SOa)3 d) X3SO4
Right choice – Option

2. When air is passed through alkaline pyragallol, the component of air absorbed by the pyragallol is a) Oxygen b) neon c) nitrogen d) argon
Right choice – Option

3. When water drops are added to calcium carbide in a container and the gas produced is passed through it and lighted, the resultant flame is called an a) Oxyethane flame b) Oxyethylene flame c) Hydrogen flame d) Oxyacetylene flame
Right choice – Option

4. If the relative formula mass of a hydroxide M(OH)3 is 78gmol-1, what is the relative atomic mass, Mi a) 6t b) 59 c) 30 d)27
An ion with a single negative charge becomes an atom by a) Losing an electron b) losing a neutron c) gaining a neutron d) gaining an electron
Right choice – Option

5. CH3COOH + CH3OH.–+ CH3COOCH3 + H2O. The reaction represented by the equation above is a) neutralization reaction b)
esterification reaction c) de-esterification reaction d) hydrolysis reaction
Right choice – Option

6. The metal extracted from Bauxite is a) Calcium b) Magnesium c) Aluminium d) Copper
Right choice – Option

7. An atom of an element represent UV *X with A = 17 and Z = 8. How many neutron does X contains? a) 3 neutrons
c) 4 neutrons b) 5 neutrons d) 9 neutrons
Right choice – Option

8. What type of oxide is aluminium oxide? a) Basic oxide b) acidic oxide c) neutral oxide d) amphoteric oxide
Right choice – Option

9. Excess ethanol react with acidified KMnOa to form a) Ethene b) Ethanoic acid c) Ethylethanoate d) Ethane
Right choice – Option

11. What is the value of X in the reaction below? ’33u + ,trr, a) 234 b) 238 c) 230 d) z3g
Right choice – Option

12. A technique that can be used to show that chlorophyll pigment in a mixture of chemical compound and not a single coloured a) crystallization b) sublimation c) hydrolysis d) chromatography
Right choice – Option

13. Two gas cylinder contain ethylene and acetylene respectively one test, which can be used to distinguish between them is by
a) Passing each gas through dilute potassium permanganate solution b) Pass each gas through ammoniacal copper (I) chloride solution
c) Passing each through bromide water d) Treating each gas catalytically with excess hydrogen gas
Right choice – Option

14. Brass and bronze are both metallic alloys, which of the following constituents is common to be alloys a) Tin b) Zinc c) Copper d)
Right choice – Option

15. An organic compound has the empirical formula CH2O. What is its molecular formula if its vapour density is 90? (H=1,C=12,O=16) a) CrH3O4 b) Cr2Hr2Or1 c) CaH16O5 d) C6Hr2O6
Right choice – Option

16. A technique that can be used to show that chlorophyll pigment in a mixture of chemical compound and not a b) crystallization d)
Right choice – Option

17. Which of the following statements is not true as we move from left to right along the periodic table? a) Atomic mass of elements
increase b) Electro-positive character of elements increase c) Atomic number of element increases d) Number of electrons in the
outermost orbits of elements increases
Right choice – Option

18. What mass of a divalent metal, M (atomic mass 40) would react with excess hydrocholoric acid to hberate224 cm3 of dry hydrogen gas measured as s.t.p.? (GMV =22.4 dmt) a) 8.0 g b) 0.04 g c) 0.4 g d) 1.0 g
Right choice – Option

19. Which of the following is an acid salt? a) NaHSOa b) Na2SOa c) CHICOONa d) Na,S
Right choice – Option

20. An element with atomic number twelve is likely to be a) Electrovalent with a valency of the 3 b) Electrovalent with a valency of c) Covalent with a valency of 2 d) Covalent with a valency of 4
Right choice – Option


21. The approximate volume of air containing l0cm3 of oxygen is a) l0cm3 b) 20cm3 c) 50cm3 d) l00cm3

21. Duralumin consist of aluminium, copper and a) Zinc and gold b) lead and manganese– c) nickel and silver d) manganese and magnesium

22. Sodium hydroxide solution can be conveniently stored in a container made of a) lead b) zinc c) aluminium d) copper

23. The energy change accompanying the addition of an electron to a gaseous atom is called a) First ionization energy b) Second
ionization energy c) Electron atfinity d) Electron activity.

24. 50cm3 of hydrogen is sparked with 20cm3 of oxygen at 100oC and atmosphere. The total volume of the residual gases is
a) 50cm3 b) l0cm3 c) 40cm3 d) 30cm3

25. The molarity of 2o/o by weight of aqueous solution of H2SO4 (molecular weight of 98) . a) 3.55 b) 2.55 c) 0.02 d) 0.55

26. Alkanoic acids have volatility compared with alkanols because a) They are more polar than alkanol b) They have iwo oxygen atoms
while alkanols have one c) They form two hydrogen bonds while alkanols form one d) They form hydrogen bonds while alkanols do not.

27. How many Faradays of electricity are required to deposit 0.20 mole of nickel if 0.10 Faraday electricity deposited 2.98g of nickel during electrolysis its aqueous solution’? (Ni = 58, iF = 96500 mol ‘) a) 0.20 b) 0.39 c) 0.40 d) 0.50

28. in the process of silver plating a metal M the metal M is the a) Anode and a direct current is used b) Cathode and an alternating
current is used c) Anode and an alternating current is use d) Cathode and direct current is used.

29. When a gas is compressed at very low temperature a) Its density decreases b) It liquefies c) Its temperature decreases d)
Temperature increase

30. Oxidation of concentration hydrocholoric acid with manganese(IV) oxide liberates a gas used in the a) Manufacture of toothpaste
b) Treatment of goiter c) Vulcanization of rubber d) Sterilization water

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