1.The women sang and said David slain his ten thousands and Saul his A. five thousands B. Thousand C. thousands D. six thousand Right choice – Option C

2. Israel went into Assyria captivity in A. 720 BC B. 73O AD C.750 BC D. 722 BC Right choice – Option D

3. A prophet mostly emphasized the holiness cf God. This prophet was A. Hosea B. Jeremiah C. Ezekiei D lsaiah
Right choice – Option D

4. ln one of the missionary journeys, Paul was stoned to a state of coma in A. Antioch in Pisidia B. lconium
C. Lystra D. Antioch of Syria Right choice – Option C

5. Moses spoke to the lsraeliies to fear not, but be calm, confident and see the salvation of God at A.PiHahiroth B. Meribah C. Wildernessof Sinai D. Elim Right choice – Option A

6. Jonah refused to go to Nineveh because A. Ninevites were inhuman and wicked B. God was merciful, gracious -and could forgive them C. he was timid to deliver the message D. he did not want to endanger his life Right choice – Option B

7. Those who honor me I will honor, and those who despise me shall be lightly esteemed.’Who was being addressed?
A. Eli B. Samuel C. Hophni D. Joshua Right choice – Option A

8. Amos reference to ‘cows of Bashan’ was a metaphoricallusion to A. women of Samaria B. rich people of Samaria
C. . poor people of Samaria D. illustrious sons of Samaria Right choice – Option A

9 Amos explained true religion as A. singing of praises to God B. self-righteousness C. fasting and praying D.being just and righteous Right choice – Option D

10. Who was the prophet who said “l will put my law within them, and will write it upon their heart….”?
A. lsaiah B. Jeremiah C. Hosea D. Amos Right choice – Option B

11. The relationship between God and lsrael was described by Hosea as that of a A. faithless wife and a loving husband B. a loving wife and a faithless husband C. a penitent wife and aggressive husband D.a faithless husband and a faithless and nonchalant wife Right choice – Option A

12. One of the following was not among the religious sects in the New Testament A. The Pharisees B. The Nazarenes
C. The Essenes D. The Sadducees Right choice – Option C

13. Who was the last king of Judah that was taken into the Babylonian captivity? A. Manasseh B. Zenacherub C.Zedekiah D.Zachariah Right choice – Option C

14.”Talitha cuml” means A. Dorcas. Arise B Little girl, I say to you, arise C. Thy will be done D. Jesus is coming Right choice – Option B

15. Who was the secretary employed by Jeremiah to write his prophecy? A.Amanuensis B. Amos C. Baruch D. Joshua
Right choice – Option C

16. Who among the seven deacons was an evangelist who had four daughters who prophesied? A. Stephen B. Philip C.Barnabas D. Nicholas Right choice – Option

17. The son of Solomon who made unwise decisions was……. A. Jeroboam B. Rechoboam C. Rehoboam D. Asa
Right choice – Option

18. The book of mostly emphasized social justice. A. Amos B. Ezekiel C. Hoshea D. lsaiah Right choice – Option

19.One of the following rs not among the “i am” Sayings of Jesus A. I am the bread of Life B. I am the gate of life C. I am the good shepherd D. I am the way Right choice – Option

20. In what way was Moses a prototype of Jesus Christ? A. Moses was a great prophet who led Israel out of Egypt
B. Moses did not die naturally C. Moses appeared to Jesus on Mount of Transfiguration. D.Moses was persecuted by his people Right choice – Option

21.One of the following is not in the Pentateuch A. Exodus B. Judges C. Leviticus D. Numbers Right choice – Option

22. The sons of Samuel who did not walk in his ways were: A. Phine has and Hophnl B. Hophni and Amos C.Joel and Phinehas D. Abijah and Joel Right choice – Option

23. What was the second temptation of Jesus according to the Gospel according to Luke? A. The Devil wanted Jesus to worship him B. The Devil wanted Jesus to deny God C. The Devil wanted Jesus to jump from the pinnacle of
the Temple D. The Devil wanted Jesus to turn stones to bread Right choice – Option

24. “O dry bones, hear the word of the Lord..!” The dry bones mentioned by Prophet Ezekiel in the statement above refer to the A. Amalekite king and soldiers B. Whole house of lsrael C. Hittites and the Assyrians D. Babylonlans troubling Israel Right choice – Option

25. The eunuch who went to Jerusalem to worship in Acts 8:27 was a A. minister of God B. minister of Candace the queen of Gaza C. minister of Candace the king of the Ethiopians D. minister of Candace the queen of the Ethiopians. Right choice – Option

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