1 . One of the following people buried Saul and his son. The (a) Moabites (b) lnhabitants of Jabesh Gilead (c) Philistines (
d)Relations of Saul (e) People of Jerusalen Right choice – Option B

2. The father have eaten sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge. This is A. Ezekiel’s message of doom on lsrael B. A proverb corrected by Ezekiel and Jeremiah and replaced by a new teaching C. The mocking of the Assyrians when they conquered Jerusalem D. A proverb quoted favourably by the Jeremiah E. A statement attributed to Ezekiel by false prophets Right choice – Option B

3. Saul, the king of lsrael, was of the tribe of A. Judah B. Ephraim C. Manasseh D. Gad E Benjamin Right choice – Option E

4. Moses offered his own life for the people A. When they were suffering in Egypt B. At the crossing of the Red Sea C. When God came down on the mountain and people were afraid D. After the making of the golden calf E. When they were afraid to enter the promise land. Right choice – Option D

5. The mountain where Moses saw the bush burning was called A. Horeb B. Sinai C. Nebo D. Carmel E. Tabor Right choice – Option A

6. lsaac’s wife Rebecca was the sister of A. Lot B. Abimelech C. Laban D. Aphron E. Leah Right choice – Option C

7. Who was the prophet of Yahweh who demonstrated that Yahweh is more powerful than Baal on Mount Carmel A. Elisha B. Elilah C.Ezekiel D. Elijah Right choice – Option B

8. …….. was the prophet from Tekoa whose main concern was social justice A. Elisha B. Amos C. Hosea D. Micah E. Nathan Right choice – Option B

9. What was the name of the prophet who rebuked King David for having Seized the wife of Uriah? A. Elisha B. Amos C. Hosea D. Micah E. Nathan Right choice – Option E

10. The children of lsrael wanted to have their own king A. Because they were tired of Samuel’s leadership B. In order to be governed like nations around them C. Because their new constitutions required king D. Because the kings in the neighboring countries sere not
happy that lsrael had no king. e. Who would build house for them. Right choice – Option B

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