Instruction: Answer all questions
1. God in the Old Testament revealed his true identity to a special group of people known as (a) the Philistines (b)the Clialdeams
(c)the Hebrews (d) the Egyptian. Right choice – Option C

2. ……………was the first king to rule lsrael (a) Samuel (b) Samson (c) Saul (d) Jeroboam. Right choice – Option C

3. Biblical history is divided into two periods namely: (a) the period of Abraham and Moses (b) the period of Jesus and the Prophets
(c) the Old and New Testament. Right choice – Option C

4. The book of Exodus is the story of (a) the birth of lsrael as a nation (b) the story of the flood (c) the story of the victory of lsrael (d) the story of the reward of obeying God’s instruction.Right choice – Option A

5. The book of Leviticus centered on (a) ethical and moral laws (b) purity (c) self-righteousness (d) God. Right choice – Option A

6 Deborah by her spiritual capacity was also (a) King (b) prophetess (c) prince (d) warrior. Right choice – Option B

7. Saul’s army was defeated in (a) Mount Gilboa (b) Mount Carmel (c) Syria (d) Damascus. Right choice – Option A

8. David ruled lsrael for (a) forty years (b) thirty three years (c) fifteen years (d) ten years.Right choice – Option A

9…… was the Prophet who fought with Baal at Mount Carinel (a) Elisha (b) Elilah (c) Jeremiah (d) Jesus Right choice – Option B

10. The leprosy of Hamman came upon (a) Job (b) Gehazi (c) Elud (d) Abiathar. Right choice – Option B

11 . Hosea was the son of (a) Jephtah (b) Beeri (c) Jethan (d) Uzziah. Right choice – Option D

12. The first gospel to be written was (a) Matthew (b) Luke (c) Mark (d) John.Right choice – Option C

13. The Priest is (a) Apolitical leader (b) a mediator between God and man (c) the Savior of the world (d) ruler.Right choice – Option C

14. Paul wrote …….Number of epistle (a) 12(b) 10 (c) 11 (d) 13 Right choice – Option C

15. ….. denied Jesus Christ three times (a) Paul (b) Saul (c) Peter (d) Judas lscariot.Right choice – Option B

16 …….. was stoned to death by Paul (a) Stepen (b) John (c) Peter (d) Judas.Right choice – Option C

17. Jesus Christ was anointed by (a) Martha (b) Mary (c) Vashti (d)Jairus. Right choice – Option A

18. Paul was familiar with two languages.(a)Aramaic and Jews (b) Aramaia and Hebrew (c) Hebrew and Greek (d) English. Right choice – Option C

19. ……. was used to replace Judas lscariot (a) Paul and Matthias (b) Justus and Matthis (c) Justius and Simeon (d) Matthias and Andrew. Right choice – Option B

20. The favorite disciples of Jesus Christ are (a) Peter, James and Benjamin (b) Peter, James and John(c) John, Andrew and Philip (d) James, John and Pau Right choice – Option C

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