1. Moses could not enter the promised land because he was a. too old to cross the border b. too busy preparing his successor c. did not give due regard to God d. died in wilderness Right choice – Option C

2. God’s covenant with Abraham took the form of a. some written code b. circumcision c. promise of wealth d.promise of long life Right choice – Option B

3. My father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions. “Who said this? A. Solomon b.Jeroboam c. Rehoboam d.Absalom Right choice – Option C

4. Complete the statement “Blessed are the poor in spirit….. a. for they will be filled b. for they will be called sons of God c. for they will see God d. for theirs is the kingdom of God DRight choice – Option

5. Where did Peter declare the Messiahship of Jesus a. on the way to Jerusalem b. on the way to Caesarea Philippi
c. on the way to Galilee d. on Mount Olive Right choice – Option D

6. Which of the following is not a condition for being a disciple of Jesus? a. having good knowledge of the scriptures b. self denial c. taking up the cross daily d. confessing Jesus Right choice – Option A

7. “The Lad is gone and l. where shall I go” Which of Joseph’s brother uttered these words? A. Benjamin b. Judah c. Ruben d. Simeon Right choice – Option C

8. Pharaoh oppressed the lsraelites because a.he fear that they might join his enemies to fight him b. they continued to give birth to male children c. the midwives did not kill the children at birth d. he did not know Jacob and Joseph Right choice – Option A

9.My soul magnifies the Lord…… was made by a. Elizabeth b.Zachariah c. Mary d John the Baptist Right choice – Option C

10. At the creation, the river that flowed out of Eden to water the garden divided into the following four rivers a. Ahava, Nile, Jordan and Tigrisb. Cyrus, Jordan, Tigris and Euphratis c. Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and Euphratis d. Cyrus, Jordan, Pishon and Gihon Right choice – Option C

11. Abram responded to the Lord’s appearance to him in Shechem by a. marking the occasion with a feast b. building an altar to the Lord c. Pitching a tent at Shechem d.continuing his journey to bethel
Right choice – Option B

12. Which of the following was responsible for the misdeeds of the sons of Eli? a. their lack of religious and moral education b. the tempting situation under which they grew up c. their father’slack of parental responsibility d. their on stupidity Right choice – Option C

13. Peter proved that the Pentecost was a fulfillment of the prophecy of a. Micah b. Hosea c. Amos d.Joel Right choice – Option D

14. In the Acts of the Apostles, all the following were the characteristics of communal living in the early church except a. sharing goods b. hiding from Jewish arrest c. praying together d. breaking of bread Right choice – Option B

15. According to Paul, all men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but we have been justified by
a. Jesus becoming man b. God’s gift of grace c. strict obedience to the law d. man’sown self effort Right choice – Option B

16. The first martyr among the disciples was a. James b. Philip c. Stephen d. Peter Right choice – Option C

17. In the epistle of James, the effectiveness of prayer depends on a. the number of prayer in a day b. praying aloud repeatedly c. praying at scheduled moments d. constancy in faith Right choice – Option D

18. Herod was happy to receive Jesus trial because a. he expected to see signs b. Pilate and Herod were friends
c. Pilate communicated with Herod d. Herod Planned to release Jesus Right choice – Option A

19. Which of the followrng false charges were leveled against Jesus before Caiaphas the high priest? a. claimed to be Christ, the son of God b. forbade the people from paying tax Caesar c. forbade authorities from exchanging money in the temple d. said “l am able to destroy the temple of God and to build it in three days Right choice – Option D

20. Eli,the priest of God in Shiloh died mainly because a. the priesthood would be taken away from his family
b. the Ark of God was captured c. the Ark of God was destroyed d. his two sons were killed Right choice – Option B

21. The contest on the mount Carmel between Elijah and Baal prophets was organized to a. show the greatness of God b. prove supremacy of God c. prove immortality of God d’show the omnipotency of God Right choice – Option B

22. In the night He was born, the baby Jesus was visited by a. Elizabeth b. the women of Galilee c. the shepherds d. the angels Right choice – Option C

23. The outstanding quality displayed by the centurion whose servant was healed was a. love b. hope c. authority d. faith Right choice – Option D

24. James taught the pure religion is a combination of a. faith and Peace b work and love c. faith and love d.work and faith Right choice – Option D

25.Which of the following parables illustrates God’s love? A. the sower b. wheat and tares c. the hidden treasure d. the prodigal son Right choice – Option D

26. When Joseph was sent to see to the welfare of his brothers, he met them Pasturing at a. the wilderness b. at Gilead c. At Shechem d. Dothan Right choice – Option D

27. Joshua gathered all the tribes of Israel for his farewell address at a. Shechem b. Bethelc. Jordan d.Sinai Right choice – Option A

28. Eli the priest at Shiloh was condemned because he a. allows his children to deprive God of his share of sacrifice b. allowed the ark of God to be captured c. did not allow his children to officiate as priest
d. loved his children Right choice – Option A

29.Paul, in his letter to the Romans said as one man trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one man’s act of righteousness leads to a. acquittal and life for all men b. mortality for all men c. good works d. exaltation for all men Right choice – Option A

30. The Priest of Midian gave Moses his daughter a. Shiphrah b. Zipporah c. Pual d. Gershorm Right choice – Option B

31. How many disciples did Jesus sent to the village of Bethphage to bring an ass and a colt? A. four b.three c.two d.one Right choice – Option C

32. When Judas arrived with a crowd to arrest Jesus’Jesus was Praying at a. Bethsaida b.Bethany c. Calvary d.Gethsemane Right choice – Option D

33. Peter enjoins church elders to tend the flock of God a. for gain b. willingly c. domineeringly d. with constraint Right choice – Option B

34.According to John, living water means water that a. springs from Jacob’swell b. is running c. wells up to eternal life d. quenches thirst Right choice – Option C

35. The river that flows around the whole land of Cush as a result of the division of that river that flowed out of Eden is a. Tigris b. Euphrates c. Gihon d. Pishon Right choice – Option C

36. The prophet that spoke of the new covenant between God and Israel was a. lsaiah b. Amos c. Hosea d. Jeremiah Right choice – Option

37.The Lord sold Sisera into the hand of …. a. Barak b. Jael c. Heber d. Jabin Right choice – Option

38. Why were Pharaoh’s dreamed doubled? a. God’s plan is fixed and will soon be fulfilled b. years of famine would double the years of plenty c. years of plenty would double the years of famine d. Joseph’s dreams were doubled Right choice – Option

39. Abner broke up with the house of Saul because a. David was the popular choice of the majority b. Ishboshet accused him of going into father’s concubine c. Saul and his son Jonathan had fallen at the battle of Gibon
d. he was convinced that the house of Saul had no bright future. Right choice – Option

40. Justice and righteousness were emphasized by a.Jeremiah b. Hosea c. lsaiah d. Amos Right choice – Option

41. The ‘Nunc Dimittis’ was the sung sang by a. Mary b. Simeon c. Anna d. Elizabeth Right choice – Option

42. The miracles of Jesus are divided into a. six parts b. five parts c. four parts d. three parts Right choice – Option

43. The following are parables of the kingdom except a. the sower b. the mustard seed c. the wheat and tares d.the prodigal son Right choice – Option

44. Jesus describes “a hireling shepherd” in contrast with the” good shepherd” as one who a. provides for the sheep b. calls the sheep by name c. does not care for the sheep d. stands to face the wolf Right choice – Option

43. An attempt was made to make sacrifice to Paul and Barnabas at a. Perga b. Lystra c. lconium d. Joppa Right choice – Option

46. Who among the following fell into temptation with Uriah’s wife? a. Potipher b. Joseph c. David d. Daniel Right choice – Option

47. The first four books of the Pauline epistle are….. a. Roman, I & II Corinihian, Galatians and Ephesians b.Romans, Galatians, Philippians, I & ll and Corinthians c. Corinthians, I & ll Galatians, Colossians and Hebrews
d. Galatians, Philippians, I &ll Corinthians and Ephesians Right choice – Option

48. The tax collector who became a member of the first disciple of Jesus is a. Andrew b. Luke c. iohn d. Matthew Right choice – Option

49. Which of the following is not a major world religion? a. lslam b. Christianity c. Maharaji d. Juclaisnr Right choice – Option

50. The New Testament contains how many books? a.37 b .27 c.47 d. 17 Right choice – Option

51. When Jesus graduated from the synagogue school, he was given the title… a. son of the law b. son of man c.son of God d. son of David Right choice – Option

52. Deborah was the wife of …a. Lapidoth b. Gideoan c. Balak D. Moses Right choice – Option

53. The feast of Pentecost was an. . . a. economic feast b.agricultural feast c. independence feast d. all-round feast Right choice – Option

54. The message of Amos was mainly about. . a. man’s response to God’s love b. the holiness of God c. social justice d. the love of God Right choice – Option

55. Prophet Samuel had two worthless sons: a. Nadab and Abibu b. Joel and Abijali c. Abijah and Nadab d. Joel and Abilni Right choice – Option

56. Which of the following do not relate to the new life of Christ? a. circumcision b. grace of God c. Faith d.Baptism Right choice – Option

57. Joseph was the prime minster of Egypt and settled his family in the land of a. Canaan b. Pithon c. Remeses d. Goshen Right choice – Option

58. The ‘Acts of Apostle’was addressed to a. Luke b. Paul c. Theophilus d. early believers Right choice – Option

59. The flood lasted for …days while Noah was in the ark’ a. 150 b. 140 c. 120 d.100 Right choice – Option

60.The man forced to carry the cross of Jesus on the way to crucifixion was a. Joseph of Arimathea b. Simeon of Cyrene c. Joseph of Cyrene d. Sirneon the Zealot Right choice – Option

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