Attempt all question by identifying the correct answers to each of the questions.

1. “Behold, the people of Israel are too many, come let us deal shrewdly with them, lest they multiply…” In the statement, the first step by the new king of Egypt was to (A)cast all Hebrew male children into the Nile (B)impose heavy tax on them (C) kill all Hebrew male children (D) set taskmasters over them to afflict them with burdens Right choice – Option

2. “l will go out as at other times, and shake myself free.” When Samson made the statement above, he was no aware that (A)the Philistines were upon him (B) he was bound with bronze fetters (C)the LORD had left him (D) his eyes had been gouged out. Right choice – Option A

3.”Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear. In the statement above the dry land and the water refer to (A)earth and oceans (B)firmament and seas (C)firmament and oceans (D)earth and seas Right choice – Option B

4. “Seek out for me a woman who is”a medium that I may go to her and inquire of her.” Saul made the statement above when he was confronted by the (A)Philistines (B) Ammonites (C) Amalekites (D)Moabites Right choice – Option C

5. “Why did you bring trouble on us? The LORD brings trouble on you today” What happened to Achan after the statement above by Joshua? (A) He was buried alive (B) He was put in chain (C) He was stoned to death (D) He was flogged publicly Right choice – Option D

6. An unwise decision of Solomon was the issue of the (A)building of the palace (B) building of the temple (C)felling of timber (D) forced labour. Right choice – Option C

7 .David was anointed king over Judah at (A)Zuph. (B) Bethlehem (C) Hebron (D) Gibeon. Right choice – Option A

B. For worshiping the molten calf, God described the Israelites as (A) a stubborn nation (B) an unholy nation
(C) a stiff-necked people (D)an unrighteous people Right choice – Option C

9. God blessed the seventh day and made it holy because (A) He rested on that day from all His work (B) Adam gave names to all living creatures on that day (C) it was a Sabbath day (D) human beings were recreated on that day. Right choice – Option D

10. God called Abraham when he was how many years old? (A)75 years old (B) 90 years old (C) 100 years old (D)120 years old Right choice – Option B

11. In order for the people of lsrael to be ready to meet the LORD by the third day at Mount Sinai, they were (A)not to drink alcohol (B) to wear white garments (C) to wash their garments everyday {D) not to go near a woman Right choice – Option B

12. Josephn put in prison in Egypt by Potiphar because (A) he slept with PotiPhar’s wife (B) he was very lazy (C)Potiphar’s wife lied against Joseph (D) he stole Pharaoh’s cup Right choice – Option C

13. Samuel’s lack of parental responsibility led to (A) The demand for a king in Israel (B) His untimely death at Ramah (C) The defeat of the Israelites in battle (D) The anointing of David as king’ Right choice – Option B

14. Solomon attempted to kill Jeroboam because Jeroboam (A) Was more Popular than him (b) Was not faithful as the officer in charge of labour (C)Did not report what was prophesied concerning him (D) Was a threat to the throne’
Right choice – Option A

15. The first person that revealed to Eli the evil that would come to his home was (A)Joel (B)a man of God (C) a prophet from Shiloh (D) Samuel’ Right choice – Option A

16. The rainbow as the sign of God’s covenant with Noah implies (A)Providence (B) Reconciliation (C) mercy (D) Redemption Right choice – Option A

17. What did Gideon call the altar which he built to the LORD? (A) The LORD is merciful (B) The LORD is peace (c)Jehova Jireh (D) The LORD is great Right choice – Option A

18. What punishment did God give Solomon for his unwise Policies? (A) Jeroboam was empowered by God conquer him (b) He caused Rezon to demolish the high place which he built (C) He raised up Hadad, the Edo mite as an adversary against him (D) The kingdom was torn from him and given to his servant Right choice – Option B

19. What was Samson’s major achievement as Israels leader (A) He suppressed the Philistines (B) He captured the city of Jericho (C) He saved the Israelite from the Amorites (d)He secured permanent independence for Israel Right choice – Option D

20. When God called Moses to deliver the Israelite’ he resisted because he could not speak and he was told to (A) perform some signs with his rod (B) wait for a sign from God (C) go with Joshua who would speak for him (d) go with Aaron who would speak for him Right choice – Option A

21. When Moses struck the rock twice for water instead of speaking-to it,God said to him that he (A) would no longer see Him face to face (b) not bring the Israelite to the promise land (C) would not see His holiness (d) Would roam in the wilderness for thirty years. Right choice – Option B

22. When the Israelite left Egypt, God did not let them use the shorter route through the land of the Philistines because(A) the Philistines were waiting in ambush for them (b) this might go back if they faced war
(C) He wanted to confuse the Egyptian king (d) He wanted them to suffer and appreciate Him Right choice – Option D

23. Why did God accept David who killed Uriah and took his wife but rejected Saul who spared King Agag?__ (a)David was from the favoured tribe of Judah while Saul was from Benjamin (B) David was a man after God’s heart while Saul was His enemy (C) David was a singer of praises while Saul was not (D)I David humbled himself when he realized his sin but Saul was stubborn Right choice – Option A

24. “…And in the last days it shall be, God declares’ that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh “” Peter quoted the statement above from the prophecy of (A) Ezekiel B)Joel (C)Jeremiah (D) lsaiah. Right choice – Option

25. Am I God, to kill and to make alive, that this man sends words to me to cure a man of his leprosy ____Prophet Elisha responded to the king’s reaction in the statement above by (A) directing the nation of Israel to pray and fast (e) requesting the leper to come to house (b) requesting the leper to go to River Jordan (d) asking the leper to offer a sacrifice Right choice – Option A

26. Behold, i am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too hard for me…”The statement above suggests that God is (A) merciful (B) awesome (C) most powerful (D) not changeable’ Right choice – Option A

27.Behold. i am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too hard for me” The statement above suggests that God is (A) merciful (B) most Powerful (c)awesome (D)not changeable’ Right choice – Option B

28. “Do yo, understand what you are reading?” Philip asked! the Ethiopian eunuch the question above when he found him reading the bookof (A) Hosea (B) Ezekiet(C) Jeremiah (D) lsaiah’ Right choice – Option B

29. My spirit shall not abide in man forever’ for he is.flesh”‘ Wfren God made the statement, He concluded that man’s days shall be (Aione hundred years (B) one hundred and fifty years (C) eighty years (D) one hundred and twenty years’ Right choice – Option D

30. “Test your servants for ten days; let us be given vegetables to eat and water to drink _____ in the statement above’ Daniel was talking to (A) King Darius (B) the chief of the eunuchs (c) The steward of the chief eunuch (D)King Artaxerxes’. Right choice – Option A

31. According to Amos, what did the Israelite do after God smote them with blight and mildew? (A) They still did not return to him (b) They repented of their sins (c) They fasted and prayed.for healing (D) They cried unto the LORD’ Right choice – Option D

32. According to Prophet Jeremiah, one of the promises of ‘ God was that He would give the Israelite (A) new priests (B) new commandments (C) kings after His own heart (d) shepherds after His own heart’ Right choice – Option A

33. According to Proverbs, a son that is attentive to a father’s instruction will (A) be rich (C) gain insight
(B) have eternal life (D) be forgiven his sins Right choice – Option B

34. Consequent upon the murder of Naboth by Ahao and Jezebel, God declared that (A) He would require the blood of Naboth from Ahab’s hand (B) Ahab’s descendants would never ascend the throne in Israel (C)dogs would lick Ahab’s blood where they had licked Naboth (D)the sword would not depart from the house of Ahab Right choice – Option A

35. Ezekiel said that when the people of Israel turned away from all their sins, they would (A) Surely live and not die (B) Be free from attack (C)Lead mankind to God (D)Return from captivity’ Right choice – Option D

36. God had pity on the people of Nineveh because (A) they listened to Jonah’s message (B) the king punished all the violent people in the land (C) they turned from their evil way’ (D) they made sacrifices of sin offering to God.Right choice – Option D

37. Immediately after the contest on Mount Carmel, Elijah prayed and God answered him with (A)thunder (B)rainfall (C)a whirlwind (D)a heavy storm Right choice – Option B

38. In addition to the declaration of freedom to the exiles in Babylon, King Cyrus ordered for (A) free will offering for the house of God in Jerusalem (B) the release of Jewish, slaves in the empire (C)security check on the Jews before departure (D) support from craftsmen in Babylon Right choice – Option C

39. Joab and his soldiers entered the city quietly after defeating their enemy because (A)Absalom and his soldiers were defeated (B) of the shameful death of Absalom (C)the king grieving for his son (D)the king Was annoyed with them Right choice – Option C

40. Obadiah showed his great reverence for the LORD by (A) Handing over five hundred Baal prophets for slaughter
(B) Falling on his face before Elijah (C) Hiding Elijah in a cave for two years (D) Feeding the prophets of the LORD with bread and water’Right choice – Option D

41. Prophet Amos told Israel to hate evil, love good and establish justice in the gate so that God Would (A)heal their diseases (B) give them good leaders (C) be gracious to them (D) multiply their descendants Right choice – Option B

42. Prophet Hosea named his second child Not Pitied because God would no more Pitt the (A) kings of Judah (B)kings of Israel (C) house of Judah (D) house of Israel Right choice – Option B

43. Prophet Hosea named his second child Not Pitied because God would no more Pity the (A) kings of Judah (B)kings of Israel (C) house of Judah (D) house of Israel Right choice – Option C

44.Prophet Isaiah received his vision and call when-(A) King Uzziah was deposed (B) King Uzziah died (C)King Uzziah began to reign (D) Israel was in Babylonian captivity Right choice – Option B

45. Saul learnt from Samuel’s spirit that the LORD would (A) give the Philistines into his hands (B) afflict him with sickness (C) bless lsaac’s future wife (D)pardon his iniquity Right choice – Option C

46 The destruction of Jerusalem by Nebucha dnezzar was a consequence of (A) Hezekiah’s death (B) Josiah’s reforms
(C)Israel’s stubbornness to God (D) Zedekiah’s rebellion against Babylon Right choice – Option B

47. The effect that the faith of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had on King Nebuch adnezzar and his subjects was that they (A) Refrained from persecuting the Jews in exile (B) Were converted (C) Forsook their gods (D)Believed that there was no other god able to deliver’ Right choice – Option B

48. The Kingdom of Israel was divided because the (A) kingdom was too large to be administered (B)leadership wanted to create more nations (C) followership wanted more nations (D)last two kings made unwise policies’Right choice – Option D

49.The pronouncement of God on Josiah for being penitent was that (A) God would support him to repair the Temple (B)Josiah would conquer all his enemies (C) God would gather him to his grave in peace (D)Josiah would have a peaceful reign. Right choice – Option D

50. The scroll given to Ezekiel to eat at his call contained (A) Both praises and condemnation (B) Words of lamentation and mourning (C) Prescription for Temple worship (D) The expected type of sacrifice.Right choice – Option A

51 .What did Asa do that was right in the eyes of the Lord? (A) He removed all the idols of his father (B)He killed all the priests of Baal; (C) His reign was Peaceful. (D) He killed all the Baal worshipers Right choice – Option A

52. What did the Jews do when Nehemiah told them about his mission in Jerusalem? (A)They praised God for sending him to rebuild’Jerusalem (B) They informed Sanballat and Tobiah about his plans (C) They were hostile to him and he became discouraged (D)They encouraged one another to rise up and build the walls. Right choice – Option B

53. “…but should write to them to abstain from the pollution of idols and from unchastity and from what is strangled and from blood…”‘The statement above was made at the Council of Jerusalem by (A) Philip (B) Simon (C)James (D) Peter Right choice – Option C

54. “… His office let another take…” The statement above refers to (A) Ananias (B) Judas lscariot (C)Barnabas (D) JohnMark’Right choice – Option A

55.”…Truly, I say to you, not even in Israel have I found such faith…” The statement above by Jesus was made when He healed the (A) leper (B) blind man (C) demoniac (D) centurion’s servant. Right choice – Option B

56. “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord.” This statement was uttered by Peter at the (A) last supper (B) garden of Gethsemane (C) call of the disciples (D) transfiguration Right choice – Option B

57.’If tell you, you will not believe; and if I ask you, you will not answer…”‘Jesus’statement above was in response to a request by (A) King Herod (B) the chief priests and scribes (C) Pontius Pilate (D) the Pharisees and Sadducees. Right choice – Option B

58.”If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down from here: for it is written, ‘He will give his angels charge of you….. According to Luke, the statement above was made by Satan during Jesus’ (A)third temptation (B)crucifixion (C)transfiguration (D) second temptation Right choice – Option B

59. Teacher, do you not care if we perish?” Where Was Jesus Christ when this question was asked? (A)On the sea, walking. (B) In the wilderness (C) On the Mount of Olive (D) In the ship, asleep Right choice – Option A

60. Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise…”‘Jesus made the statement above to one of the criminals because he (A)respected Him (B)Praised Him (C) rebuked his partner (D)was repentant Right choice – Option D

61. Unbind him, and let him go.” The statement was made by Jesus when (A) He raised to life the dead Lazarus (b) He healed the son of the widow at Nain (C) He healed the centurion’s servant (D) a boy bound by Satan was brought to Him” Right choice – Option A

62.Unless you, are circumcised according to the custom of Moses, you cannot be saved” The statement above by some men from Judea necessitated the convening of the (A) church in Jerusalem (B) council of elders (C)church in Judea (D)council in Jerusalem’Right choice – Option C

63. You son of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness’full of all deceit and villainy” This statement of Paul was addressed to (A) Elymas, the magician (B) Paulus, the proconsul (C) Simon, the Magician (D) Demetrius, the silversmith Right choice – Option A

64. As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world Jesus made the statement above on the occasion of (A) healing the man born blind (B) raising Lazarus from the dead (C) restoring sight to blind Bartimaeus (D)walking on the sea before day break’Right choice – Option B

65. According to Luke, the Last Supper took place (A) on Mount Olive (B) In Jerusalem (C) in Jordan (D) in Bethlehem’ Right choice – Option C

66. According to Luke, when Moses and Elijah appeared during the transfiguration, they spoke of Jesus'(A)departure (B) second coming (C) resurrection (D) trials Right choice – Option A

67. According to Matthew, the stone on the tomb of Jesus was removed by (A) an angel (b) Roman soldier (C) Mary Magdalene (D) Peter and John’ Right choice – Option D

68. According to Romans, salvation is for those who (A) call upon the name of the Lord (B) are true worshiPPers of God (C) work in the Lord’s (D) Are persecuted for righteousness. Right choice – Option

69. According to the Gospel of John, Jesus is the true vine while the vinedresser is (A) the Holy Spirit (B) His father (C) the gardener (D) His mother Right choice – Option B

70.’And, they arrested them and put custody until 83′ the morrow, for it was already evening” In the statement above, the imprisoned Persons were (A) Paul and John Mark (B) Peter and Barnabas (C) peer and Paul (D)Paul and Barnabas’Right choice – Option A

71. Angel Gabriel told Zachariah that he would become dumb until John was born because he (A) looked down on the Angel (B)was advanced in age (C)disagreed with Elizabeth, his wife (D)did not believe God’swords. Right choice – Option

72. Following the death of Stephen, the only group of believers not scattered by the great persecution was the
(A)deacons (B)apostles (C) prophets (D) disciples Right choice – Option B

73. Following the resurrection of Jesus, the Chief Priest and elders took counsel and bribed the guards to (A)say that the disciples stole the body of Jesus (b) keep the information away from His disciples (C) keep the matter among themselves (D) report the matter immediately to the rulers’ Right choice – Option A

74. ‘In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said that the poor in spirit are blessed for they would (A) be satisfied(B) be comforted on the last day (C) Inherit the kingdom of heaven (D) inherit the earth Right choice – Option B

75. In Lute, at the Last Supper, Jesus revealed His (A) resurrection (B) imminent sufferings (C) love for His disciples (D) ascension Right choice – Option B

76. In the country of the Gerasenes, Jesus healed the (A) man possessed of demons (B) paralytic at the pool (C) leper (D) blind man Right choice – Option A

77. In tne mission of the seventy, Jesus told them were being sent out as sheep among wolves, implying that they would (A) be sent to live among wolves (B) be as meek sheep (C) be properly equipped for the mission (D)encounter difficulties. Right choice – Option C

78. In the story of the Transfiguration, Moses and Elijah represented the (A) glory of God (B) old Testament saints (C) Law and the prophets (D) end of the age’Right choice – Option D

79. Jesus raised to life the son of the widow of Nain because He (A) wanted the whole of Judea to know about him (B) wanted to show that He was a great prophet (C) had compassion on the mother (D) loved the Young man that died.Right choice – Option C

80. Jesus’reply to the devil’s first temptation of Him was -(A) “…Him only shall You serve” (B)”…Man shall not live by bread alone.”” (C) ‘”You shall not tempt the Lord your God”‘(D) “…You shall worship the Lord your God”‘”Right choice – Option B

81. Jesus told the parable of the lost sheep in order to illustrate that (A) every believer ought to rejoice with those who rejoice’ (B) no person can hide from God (C)God’s love is unlimited (D) there is joy in heaven over a sinner who repents Right choice – Option C

82′ Jesus was at the wedding in Cana of Galilee because (A) He wanted to demonstrate His power (B) He was invited to the ceremony (C)the groom was His relation (D) the groom ran out of wine Right choice – Option D

83′ Jesus was tempted by the devil so as to (A) fulfill all righteousness (B) show His power over forces of nature is above temptation (D) test the devil’s Power Right choice – Option C

84. The Hebrew word Rabboni means (A) disciple (B) priest (C) master (D)Teacher’Right choice – Option D

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