Answer the following questions by choosing one of the option
1. A low land between two hills is called (A)Island (B)Valley (C)Plateau (D)Lake (E)Mountain Right choice – Option D

2. Which of these animals is not a member of dog family (A)Jackal (B) German shepherd (C) Tiger (D) Yorkshier terrier (E) Rotweiler Right choice – Option D

3. The process in which the food we eat is broken down into substance that can be used by the body is called:(A)Digestion (B) Circulation (C) Tissue (D) Respiration (E) Excretion Right choice – Option D

4. A frightening dream is called (A) Blush (B) Nightmare (C)Night Anguish (D)Night fear (E) None of the aboveRight choice – Option D

5. Which of these is not type of eagle? (A) Short- toed (B) Booted (C) Bonelli (D) All of the above (E) None of the aboveRight choice – Option D

6. What was the fonner name of present Zirnbabrve? (A) Rhodesia (B) Yamashoma (C) Orange Republic (D) Brazzaville (E) Oceania Right choice – Option D

7. A system of government based on the ideological belief of equality of people and concentration of national resources in the hands of the State is called:(A) Fanaticsm (B) Egalitarianism (C) Communism (D) Democracy (E)Utopianism Right choice – Option D

8. An instrument is used in finding way and navigation is called (A) Map (B) GPRS (C) Compass (D) Compound (E)None of the above Right choice – Option

9. A computer is made of (A) hardware (B) Software (C) None of the above (D)A& (E) A only Right choice – Option

10. Which of these continents is the coldest in the world (A) Asia (B) Africa (C) Antarctic (D)Europe (E)AmericaRight choice – Option

11. What is the name of the world’s highest mountain (A) Mount Kilomajaro (B) Mount Everest (C) Mount Cameroon (D) Mount Nkoyo (E) None of the above Right choice – Option

12. What name is the parliament of Nigeria called (A ) House of Representative (B) Senate (C) State house of Assembly (D) National Assembly (E) All of the above Right choice – Option

13. The Parliament of the United States of America is called: (A) House of Parliament (B) National Assembly (C)Congress (D)Assembly of Law markers (E)None of the Above Right choice – Option

14. Cote d”Ivoire is formerly known as?(A) Yamassokou (R) Ivory Coast (C) Gold Coast (D) Rhode Coast (E) Diamond Haven Right choice – Option

15. The process of preservation, protection and wise use of natural resource is called (A) Fermentation (B)Preservation (C) Conservation (D) Ecology (E) Zoning Right choice – Option

16. Ballet and Tango are types of: (A) Song (B) Dancing (C)Ci’cling (D) Swimming (E) Horse Ridding Right choice – Option

17. The first to develop atomic bomb was (A) Albert Einstein (B) Charles De Gaulle (C) Thorras Jeffersorr (D) T.S Elliot (E) Plato Right choice – Option

18. The process by which the people in a country is given an opportunity to elect, choose or reject new government is known as (A)Referendum (B) Plebiscite (C) Election (D) Ratification (E) None of the above Right choice – Option

19. In which continents is Mount Everest? (A) Asia (B) North America (C) South American (D) Africa (E) Europe Right choice – Option

20. Which of these people is not an explorer? (A) Vasco Da Gama (B) Christopher Columbus (C) Ferdinand Magellan (D) David Living Stone (E) None of the above Right choice – Option

21. What is the difference between 2:45am and 12:32pm? (A) 9Hrs 47min(B) 14Hrs 1Omin (C) 5hrs 25min
(D) 10Hrs 17min Right choice – Option

22. 4 4/3 – 2 1/2 x 1/2 (A)4/3 (B) 14/3 (C)9/8 (D)3/2 Right choice – Option

23. 2 scores plus 4 dozen multiplied by 14 equals? (A) 118 (B) 1232 (C) 1882 (D) 1432 Right choice – Option

24. 33(l/3) of 100 equal (A) 33( 1/3) (B) 30 (c) 3 (D) 33 Right choice – Option

25. 1800 multiplied by u’hat give you 100800 (A) 56 (B) 28 (c) 41 (D) 38 Right choice – Option

26. 5.8 x 9.8 x 8.1 = (A) 460.4 (B) 350.3 (C) 560.8 (D) 260.7 Right choice – Option

27. A farmer has 41 bags of oranges. Each bag contain 59 oranges each. How many oranges does the farmer have?(A)3324 (B) 1591 (c) 2831 (D)2419 Right choice – Option

28. If 16 of the same book weight 4kg. How much does one book weigh (A) 200g (B) 250g (c) 550g (d) 440g Right choice – Option

29. What is 5% of N575 (A)30.8 (B)28.75 (C) 25.s (D) 55.5 Right choice – Option

30. What is the difference between 500 multiplied by 700 and 700 multiplied by 500? (A) 1000 (B) 100 (c) 0 (D)10000 Right choice – Option

31. A girl has 98 beads, and all but 14 lost. How many beads did she loose? (A) 84 (B) 112 (C) 114 (D)14 Right choice – Option

32. If 15% of a number is 75. What is the number multiplied by 2? (A) 500 (B) 150 (C) 1000 (D) 800 Right choice – Option

33. A man was born the 29th of February, 1980. how many birthdays has he celebrated after his birth till today?(A) e (B) e (c) 31 (D) 13 Right choice – Option

34. 17,31, 51, 68, -(A) 75 (B) 82 (C) 90 (D) 85 Right choice – Option

35. A car travels at 120km/h. how long would it take it to get to Jebba which is 2400km away? (A) 20hrs (B)25hrs (C) 15hrs (D) 30hrs Right choice – Option

36. A man buys 6 books and 3 bags. If’a book cost N17 and a bag N25. How much has he spent? (A)#112 (B)N177 (C)N125 (D)N150Right choice – Option

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