1. According to Amos, what did the Israelite do after God smote them with blight and mildew? (A) They still did not return to him (b) They repented of their sins (c) They fasted and prayed.for healing (D) They cried unto the LORD’ Right choice – Option A

2. According to Prophet Jeremiah, one of the promises of ‘ God was that He would give the Israelite (A) new priests (B) new commandments (C) kings after His own heart (d) shepherds after His own heart’ Right choice – Option B

3. According to Proverbs, a son that is attentive to a father’s instruction will (A) be rich (C) gain insight
(B) have eternal life (D) be forgiven his sins Right choice – Option C

4. Consequent upon the murder of Naboth by Ahao and Jezebel, God declared that (A) He would require the blood of Naboth from Ahab’s hand (B) Ahab’s descendants would never ascend the throne in Israel (C)dogs would lick Ahab’s blood where they had licked Naboth (D)the sword would not depart from the house of Ahab Right choice – Option C

5. Ezekiel said that when the people of Israel turned away from all their sins, they would (A) Surely live and not die (B) Be free from attack (C)Lead mankind to God (D)Return from captivity’ Right choice – Option A

36. God had pity on the people of Nineveh because (A) they listened to Jonah’s message (B) the king punished all the violent people in the land (C) they turned from their evil way’ (D) they made sacrifices of sin offering to God.Right choice – Option C

7. Immediately after the contest on Mount Carmel, Elijah prayed and God answered him with (A)thunder (B)rainfall (C)a whirlwind (D)a heavy storm Right choice – Option B

8. In addition to the declaration of freedom to the exiles in Babylon, King Cyrus ordered for (A) free will offering for the house of God in Jerusalem (B) the release of Jewish, slaves in the empire (C)security check on the Jews before departure (D) support from craftsmen in Babylon Right choice – Option A

9. Joab and his soldiers entered the city quietly after defeating their enemy because (A)Absalom and his soldiers were defeated (B) of the shameful death of Absalom (C)the king grieving for his son (D)the king Was annoyed with them Right choice – Option C

10. Obadiah showed his great reverence for the LORD by (A) Handing over five hundred Baal prophets for slaughter
(B) Falling on his face before Elijah (C) Hiding Elijah in a cave for two years (D) Feeding the prophets of the LORD with bread and water’Right choice – Option D

11. Prophet Amos told Israel to hate evil, love good and establish justice in the gate so that God Would (A)heal their diseases (B) give them good leaders (C) be gracious to them (D) multiply their descendants Right choice – Option C

12. Prophet Hosea named his second child Not Pitied because God would no more Pitt the (A) kings of Judah (B)kings of Israel (C) house of Judah (D) house of Israel Right choice – Option D

13. Prophet Hosea named his second child Not Pitied because God would no more Pity the (A) kings of Judah (B)kings of Israel (C) house of Judah (D) house of Israel Right choice – Option D

14.Prophet Isaiah received his vision and call when-(A) King Uzziah was deposed (B) King Uzziah died (C)King Uzziah began to reign (D) Israel was in Babylonian captivity Right choice – Option B

15. Saul learnt from Samuel’s spirit that the LORD would (A) give the Philistines into his hands (B) afflict him with sickness (C) bless lsaac’s future wife (D)pardon his iniquity Right choice – Option –

16 The destruction of Jerusalem by Nebucha dnezzar was a consequence of (A) Hezekiah’s death (B) Josiah’s reforms
(C)Israel’s stubbornness to God (D) Zedekiah’s rebellion against Babylon Right choice – Option D

17. The effect that the faith of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had on King Nebuch adnezzar and his subjects was that they (A) Refrained from persecuting the Jews in exile (B) Were converted (C) Forsook their gods (D)Believed that there was no other god able to deliver’ Right choice – Option D

18. The Kingdom of Israel was divided because the (A) kingdom was too large to be administered (B)leadership wanted to create more nations (C) followership wanted more nations (D)last two kings made unwise policies’Right choice – Option D

19.The pronouncement of God on Josiah for being penitent was that (A) God would support him to repair the Temple (B)Josiah would conquer all his enemies (C) God would gather him to his grave in peace (D)Josiah would have a peaceful reign. Right choice – Option C

20. The scroll given to Ezekiel to eat at his call contained (A) Both praises and condemnation (B) Words of lamentation and mourning (C) Prescription for Temple worship (D) The expected type of sacrifice.Right choice – Option B

21. What did Asa do that was right in the eyes of the Lord? (A) He removed all the idols of his father (B)He killed all the priests of Baal; (C) His reign was Peaceful. (D) He killed all the Baal worshipers Right choice – Option A

22. What did the Jews do when Nehemiah told them about his mission in Jerusalem? (A)They praised God for sending him to rebuild’Jerusalem (B) They informed Sanballat and Tobiah about his plans (C) They were hostile to him and he became discouraged (D)They encouraged one another to rise up and build the walls. Right choice – Option D

23. “…but should write to them to abstain from the pollution of idols and from unchastity and from what is strangled and from blood…”‘The statement above was made at the Council of Jerusalem by (A) Philip (B) Simon (C)James (D) Peter Right choice – Option C

24. “… His office let another take…” The statement above refers to (A) Ananias (B) Judas lscariot (C)Barnabas (D) JohnMark’Right choice – Option B

25.”…Truly, I say to you, not even in Israel have I found such faith…” The statement above by Jesus was made when He healed the (A) leper (B) blind man (C) demoniac (D) centurion’s servant. Right choice – Option D

26. “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord.” This statement was uttered by Peter at the (A) last supper (B) garden of Gethsemane (C) call of the disciples (D) transfiguration Right choice – Option C

27.’If tell you, you will not believe; and if I ask you, you will not answer…”‘Jesus’statement above was in response to a request by (A) King Herod (B) the chief priests and scribes (C) Pontius Pilate (D) the Pharisees and Sadducees. Right choice – Option B

28.”If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down from here: for it is written, ‘He will give his angels charge of you….. According to Luke, the statement above was made by Satan during Jesus’ (A)third temptation (B)crucifixion (C)transfiguration (D) second temptation Right choice – Option A

29. Teacher, do you not care if we perish?” Where Was Jesus Christ when this question was asked? (A)On the sea, walking. (B) In the wilderness (C) On the Mount of Olive (D) In the ship, asleep Right choice – Option D

30. Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise…”‘Jesus made the statement above to one of the criminals because he (A)respected Him (B)Praised Him (C) rebuked his partner (D)was repentant Right choice – Option D

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