1. The psychological features of poetry are a. Tone, rhythm and diction b. Mood, rhyme and theme c. Subject matter, metrical pattern and form d. Atmosphere, tone and mood Right choice – Option A

2. An epitaph is a. a poem of lamentation b. mood, rhyme & mood c. a form of daggeste d. an inscription of a tomb.Right choice – Option D

3. What basically distinguishes literature from other disciples is its a. Exposition of human experience b. Use of uncommon words c. Portrayal of places d. Use of creative imagination Right choice – Option A

4. The Old narrative ballad was written in a stanza of a. 5 line stanza b. 2 line stanza c. 4 line stanza d. 7 line stanza Right choice – Option C

5. A story made up of independent plots loosely linked together could be said to be a. Episode b. Conflicting c.Unrealistic d. comic Right choice – Option A

6. “Pleasure is a moth” is an example of a. Simile b. Irony c. Metaphor d. Hyperbole Right choice – Option C

7. Pick out the odd item from the following a. Plot b. Assonance c.Alliteration d. Rhythm Right choice – Option A

8. One of the following is a narrative technique in novel a. Characters b. Flashback c. Logical conclusion
d. Interesting story Right choice – Option B

9. Poetry involves one of the following a. Ideas only b. Beauty only c. Diction only d. Emotion and ideas Right choice – Option D

10. A sonnet is made of a rhyming sestet and two rhyming a. Tercets b. Complets c. Stanzas d. Quetrainms Right choice – Option D

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