1. A major weakness of a unitary system of government is (a)that it is run as a single entity (b)that the constitution can easily be amended (c)that opposition and cross carpeting are extremely difficult (d) That it encourages the domination of minority groupRight choice – Option D

2. In a presidential system of government, the legislature and the executive are (a)Appointed at the same time to an unfixed term(b)Appointed by the judiciary to a fixed term (c) Elected separately to an unfixed term (d) Elected separately to a fixed termRight choice – Option D

3. The principle of separation of powers enables each arm of government to (a) Carry out its constitutional functions (b) probe one another (c) Moderate the scope of the constitution (d) Overlap the function of the otherRight choice – Option A

4. Constitutionalism can be described as (a)Amendment of an existing constitution (b)Adherence to a constitution (c) Process of operating a constitution (d) Process of drafting a constitutionRight choice – Option B

5. The electorate can remove an elected official by an act of (a)Consensus (b)Plebiscite (c) Recall (d) impeachmentRight choice – Option C

6. In a Legislative process, a bill is (a) Law passed by the legislature (b) Motion accepted for debate (c) Motion rejected after debate (d ) proposal before the legislatureRight choice – Option D

7. One remarkable point against a multi-party system is the (a) Banning of interests groups(b) inability to attract foreign assistance (c) High cost of conducting elections d) Encouragement of opposition and instabilityRight choice – Option D

8. According to the Land Use Decree of 1978, the ownership of land in Nigeria was vested in the (a)State government (b) Federal government (c) Local Chiefs (d) Local government

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