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Jamb 2019 PHYSICS likely exam questions & answers from the Oracle

1. Which of the following is not true about semi conductors? A. Moving holes are equivalent to moving positive charges B. There are two kinds of charge carriers, a free electron and a hole C. The escape of a valence electron from atom produces electron-hole pair of charge carriers D. Increase in temperature increases electrical […]

Jamb 2019 ECONOMICS likely exam questions and answers

1. The tax takes an increasing fractional of income as income goes down is called (a) Conditional b) Regressive (c) Progressive.(d)Proportional Right choice – Option C 2. A greater burden of the takes on essential goods is borne by the (a) higher income group (b) Newly recruited workers (c) Lower income workers (d) Contract work […]

Jamb 2019 CHEMISTRY likely exam questions & answers

1. A mixture of solutions of barium chloride and sodium trioxocarbonate IV yield a white precipitate A) Soluble in ammonia B) soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid C) soluble in alkali  D) soluble in dilute tetraoxosulphate VI acid Right choice – Option B 2. Four solutions P, Q, R, and S contain chloride, sulphide, tetraoxosulphate VI […]

Jamb 2019 GOVERNMENT likely exam questions & answers

1. A human community that is usually cohesive and homogeneous is a.state b. kinship c. clan d. nation Right choice – Option D 2. Which of the following made the earliest contact with the Nigerian society? a. The British b. The Portuguese c. The French d. The Germans Right choice – Option B 3. Between […]

Jamb 2019 BIOLOGY likely exam questions & answers

1. Over-secretion of thyroxin is likely to lead to… a. thinness of body b. sluggishness c. dwarfism d. cretinism in infants Right choice – Option A 2. The part of the brain responsible for the control of voluntary movement and interpretation of sensations is the…a. cerebrum b.cerebellum c. medulla oblonganta d. optica lob Right choice – […]

Jamb 2019 ENGLISH LANGUAGE likely exam questions & answers

Choose from the options that are provided the form of the verb which agrees with the subject of the sentence. 1. Each man and woman_________given a price. A. were B. are C. was D. are being Right choice – Option C 2. Every student and teacher_______ten Nair every week A. contribute B. were contributing C. […]

Jamb 2019 C.R.K likely exam questions & answers

1. Moses could not enter the promised land because he was a. too old to cross the border b. too busy preparing his successor c. did not give due regard to God d. died in wilderness Right choice – Option C 2. God’s covenant with Abraham took the form of a. some written code b. […]

Jamb 2019 commerce likely exam questions & answers

1. Occupations are classified into (A, production. labour and economics (B) extraction, construction and manufacturing (C) industry, commerce and services (D)trades, aids to trade and services. 2. One advantage of a crossed cheque is that it can (A) only be paid into saving account (B) be cashed over the banks counter(C) only be paid into […]


Meaning & Scope of Economics Types & Features of Economics Theory of Economics Analysis Theory of Demand Theory of Supply Price Determination Consumer Behaviour Theory of Production Theory of Cost Market Structure & Revenue Concept Labour Market National Income Money & Banking Non-Bank Financial Intermidiaries Inflation Public Finance Economic Development & Growth International Trade & […]


Indices Logrithms Surds Quadratic & Simultaneous Equations Profit & Loss Sales Simple & Compound Interest Ratio, Proportion & Percentage Algebraic Fraction Inequality Variation Sets Theory Partial Fraction Polynomials Bearing & Distance Angle of Elevation & Depression Solution to Triangles Binary Operations Circle Geometry Euclidean Geometry Co-ordinate Geometry Longitude & Latitude Permutation & Combination Mensuration Probability […]


Living & Non-living Things Organization of Life Cell Structure Evolution Among Animal Kingdom Evolution Among Plant Kingdom Mode of Nutrition Animal Kingdom Plant Kingdom Mammalian Elementary Canal / Digestive system Reproductive system Tissue & Supportive System in Animal Tissue & Supportive System in Plant Transport / Circulatory in Animals Transpot / Circulatory System in Plants […]


measurement & unit Newton’s law of motion Properties of Materials Density & Upthrust Pressure Moment & Equilibrum Machine Friction Work, Energy & Power Expansion of Material Temperature & Measurement Heat Transfer Specific Heat Capacity Change of State of Substance Vapour & Vapour pressure Gas Laws Reflection by Plane Surface Reflection by Curved Surface Refraction by […]


Separation Techniques Chemical Combination Kinetics Theory of Matter Gas Laws Structures of Atoms Chemical Bonding Periodics Table Chemical Reactions State of Matter Energy Changes during Chemical reaction Rate of Chemical reaction Acids, Bases & Salts Oxidation & Reduction Non-metal: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Halogens, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Carbon & Silicon Metals & their Compound: Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, […]

Government Terms & Concept O, P, Q, R.

 OMBUDSMAN: An officer in the government who is independent of the executive, andean hear complaints or appeals from citizen concerning alleged or proven injustices committed by the executive.  O.A.U.: An African organization comprising all sovereign and independent state in African and was formed in 1963 with the name organization of African Unity and the name […]

Governmental Terms & Concept I, J, K, L, M, N.

IMPEACHMENT: This is a process of removing an elected lead or a representative of the executive arm by the legislative body. IMPERIALISM: A new form of colonialisation that involves the dominating of the economically sector of a particular sate by another state. INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE: Is the judiciary arm for the U.N.O. and located […]


Basic  Concept on Government Govermental Terms & Concept A, B, C Principle of Government Govermental Terms & Concept D, E, F, G,  Forms of Government Institution/Organs of Government Governmental Terms & Concept I, J, K, L. Structure of Governance System of Government Governmental Terms & Concept O, P, Q, R. Political Ideologies Nigerian Constitutions Political […]